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The EasyPost Hawai‘i Bowl and Hawai‘i Bowl Foundation
Join Forces with Partners to Support
Maui Public Schools Affected by Wildfires.

The Public Schools of Hawaii Foundation (PSHF) is partnering with the Hawaii State Department of Education to support our public school communities impacted by the destructive wildfires on Maui... [click to read more]

The College Football Playoff Foundation has donated $25,000.00 in matching funds to the PSHF.  The Mountain West Conference has donated $15,000.00 to the PSHF. Please help meet the matching requirements by donating to the PSHF prior to October 15, 2023 or by donating a check payable to the "Hawaiʻi Bowl Foundation" with "Maui Teachers" written on the memo line and mail to:

Hawaiʻi Bowl Foundation

1003 Bishop Street, Suite 1990

Honolulu, HI 96813

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